Levi Nilsson, owner and proprietor of Apogee Studios, has been providing exceptional portrait and production services for over 28 years. Staying current and busy through the digital revolution has been a rewarding challenge. Levi has experienced photography from the wet dark room days of the late 80's and early 90's, through the initial digital camera development of the mid and late 90's (when a HIGH RESOLUTION camera took 1MP images and cost about $20,000) and into the modern age of relatively low cost and truly high quality image capturing devices we use today. This breadth of experience has allowed him to learn a wide variety of techniques to accomplish any look you can conceive of. Truly a Craftsman behind the lens, Levi engages his clients in the process. You are not just a subject at Apogee Studios, you are part of the creative process. A finished piece of art is our end goal.